Third What is a design studio. We design brand personality—the synergy of language and appearance. Relatability, charisma, credibility, recognition, persuasiveness. Our niche is brands judged by their character.

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Corporate identity design
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——Brand Concept + Positioning
——Verbal Identity + Communication
——Visual Identity + UX/UI

We’ll ask our clients for patience and trust while we raise and harden their brand. So that in the end, it’ll have the unrivalled soundness of character to—hopefully, one day—change the course of history.

Branding agency
Design studio Warsaw
Visual Identity + UX/UI
Verbal Identity + Communication
Rebranding agency
Our niche is brands judged by their character.
Brand language & appearance
Brand design agency Poland
City of Chrzanow branding
Brand Visual Identity design agency
City branding
Ja to ChrzanówThird What Brand Personality Studio

The project we worked on
belongs to Chrzanow Municipality.

Tvigwychsin branding
The vodka is g**d when you can hardly say its name branding
Agencja brandingowa Warszawa
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Agencja brandingowa
Identyfikacja wizualna
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Brand design services for startups and scaleups
Third What Brand Personality Studio

Case studies show the authorship of our designers
in cooperation with another studio.

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we are analysts and artists, arbiters and anarchists